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About – Cold Room Entertainment


With decades of experience working with major entertainment companies, Cold Room provides a variety of narrative services, including:

Script Writing & Naturalization

Narrative design & consultation

Storyworld, character and bible development

Original IP and brand development

Adaptation and development of existing IP

Individual Writers and Writing Teams

David Bergantino

An award-winning, multi-platform author, content creator and producer, Bergantino has over 30 years of experience working with the top studios, publishers and talent in both traditional and interactive entertainment.

As a writer, he is currently working on a diverse slate of projects, including the just-announced Killer Klowns from Outer Space – The Game for Teravision/Good Shepherd Games, Earth: Revival for NuVerse/ByteDance and Dying Light 2: Blood Ties, the first story DLC for Dying Light 2. This fall will see the release of at least FOUR additional titles for which Bergantino and Cold Room provided written content.

Most notably, David has been killed three times in two novels, is an official part of the Star Wars universe as two characters and once spent time in the New Jersey Federal Penitentiary with George Jung, the character portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movie Blow.

The archiving of the written word is one of the oldest and most important practices in human history. Encyclopocalypse was founded as a place where books can live on. From independent novels to literature published before the digital age, our goal is to create a home for every great book that hasn’t yet been heard or held.

And now, the talent and diverse perspectives of Encyclopocalypse’s authors are available, individually or in teams, to all Cold Room clients, boosting our ability to provide even more writing resources tailored to your projects.