Novels by David Bergantino


The innovative novelization of the mind-bending film by Wes Craven.

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The first book in literary-horror YA mash-up series. Ophelia’s back… and she’s pissed!

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The second book of this literary-horror mashup series proves just what a freakshow college can be!

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The image Keith sees in his new poster is more than meets the Magic Eye!

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Colleen is plagued by nightmares, but do they reveal a past life… or how she will die?

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On the rebound, Laura meets the new kid in town. But is he her dream come true, or her worst nightmare?

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A local hometown boy, rumored to be horribly disfigured, returns to throw a Halloween party. It’s killer. Literally.

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What happens if you buy modeling clay from a company advertised on the back of a vintage comic book? Nothing good, that’s for sure!

A modeling agency opens up in town to collect pictures for a horrifying photo album!


Zorro versus four Japanese Samurai who are based on the four original members of the rock band KISS. ‘Nuff said!

Based on the last four episodes of Nickelodeon’s epic animated TV series!


Back in the day, Cold Room’s David Bergantino served as Assistant Producer on the production of Disney Interactive’s Gargoyles game. He also wrote the official strategy guide for Brady Games.

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